Disaster Shelter Digital Twin

Portfolio: Disaster Shelter Digital Twin

5G-based Digital Twin leading public projects for disaster response in Gyeongsangnam-do

2020.04.01 ~ 2020.11.30
Client: Ministry of Science and Technology

Purpose of DT establishment
Recommendation of complementary measures to verify the fire evacuation manual for public facilities (example: hospitals) and minimize the damage

Elements of DT: BIM (Building Information Model) + Fire diffusion model + Fire evacuation model

    • BIM (Building Information Model) - Model digitalizing the information of space inside a building
    • Fire diffusion model – Consecutive time simulation model describing the process of diffusion from the origin of a fire to the interior of the building
    • Fire evacuation model – Discrete event simulation model describing the process of evacuation of people upon a fire

the simulation results
Human life damage rate following various evacuation methods/procedures based on the index measuring the simulation results