Traffic Flow Digital Twin

Portfolio: Traffic Flow Digital Twin with KT (Participation in MWC 2022)

Development of simulation system of the crossroad inter-working with AI-based prediction model for optimum sign control

In progress since 2019.10.11
Client: KT융기원

Purpose of DT establishment
Generation of big data necessary for traffic flow optimization and learning by establishing a traffic DT model based on the actual traffic data

Elements of DT: GIS + Object model + Traffic simulation model

    • GIS – Topographic/road information related to traffic of the interested area
    • Object model – Behavioral model of the objects related to traffic flow (vehicles, drivers, pedestrians, etc.)
    • Traffic simulation model – Model using the infrastructure related to traffic flow (traffic light control, reversible lanes, priority pass rule, etc.)

Index measuring the simulation results
Number of vehicles passing the crossroad per unit hour, optimized sign controller operation rules